Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quick Post: Madagascar 3D and Kung Fu Panda 3D On Their Way!

Jeffrey Katzenberg said Wednesday that we can expect an announcement within the next two months about a stereoscopic 3D sequel to the smash hit KUNG FU PANDA which has amassed an amazing $560 million worldwide this year.

Further, Katzenberg said that we will see at least one more sequel for MADAGASCAR (the original made $530 million worldwide) and of course that movie will also be in 3D as Dreamworks Animation is already on record as commiting all future tentpoles in 3D.

I knew these announcements would be coming but it is nice to see the official statements getting lined up. These movies will own the box office in 3D - those Dreamworks guys are working magic! Can't wait to see Monsters vs. Aliens next spring...

Source: THR

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