Thursday, August 14, 2008

Harry Potter 6 Pushed To Summer 2009: Disney's 3D "Bolt" Moved Up!

Hey - Jim here guys. Looks like Harry Potter has gotten a little scare from the 3D industry! Warner Bros. has moved the wizardly movie from it's usual November position to next July 17th - a stunning move to be sure. WHY? So many questions to this move!

You know what I am thinking? I think Warner has gotten a little wary of the Disney muscle behind BOLT and the 3D juggernaut that it will morph into. They are counting on continued great box office week after week and BOLT will have no part of that! I suspect that they were thinking that BOLT would have bolted to the top of the heap no less that a week after Potter's release.

So Disney moved BOLT up to November 21st to take advantage of this surprising move. Sad to have to wait for the 3D elements in Harry Potter 6 but oh well - BOLT looks to be tracking huge!


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