Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Look: Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland Set Costumes!

**UPDATE: Sep 19th - Have been reading some interesting blogs about the behind the scenes tribulations of wearing period costumes on the AIWL set: 

"Filming is progressing slowly and each day is much the same because they are concentrating on the tea-party scene. The girls are all having problems with the tight corsets though, and 2 have been sent home because of it. For Nikki she has welts down her ribs and is finding it hard to breathe without pain, and her corset is actually broken. She is in a lot of discomfort and the costume dressers tried padding her out, but the damage is already done. She's going to dose herself up with painkillers tonight and take some with her tomorrow. She is also going to take a couple of her own corsets in to see if one of them can be worn instead. She desperately doesn't want to be sent home, but 14 hours in that state isn't pleasant!!!

She says that no matter what, she's not giving up on this opportunity though."

Stick at it girl. You can find this blog right here.

Hey guys - Jim here. Just got a new set photo of what the period costumes look like for ALICE IN WONDERLAND - the new Tim Burton 3D live action movie being filmed right now at Antony House near Torpoint, UK.

Apparently Johnny Depp who is thought to be the taking on the role of the Mad Hatter is not at the location, much to the dismay of the hundreds of extras who turned up in an attempt to be included in the classic adaptation. Indeed a new rumor has the entire role being captured in CGI, perhaps with Depp's voice attached. Only 250 or so of the extras got to be chosen.

From The Herald:
"Between 600 and 700 people, ranging from actors, extras, cameramen and production staff, are believed to be operating at the site. Hundreds of cars park in a field converted to a make-shift car park. Adjacent to them are large trailers presumably used for wardrobe fittings and catering and hospitality. Big, burly – but nonetheless friendly – security guards line the site like a human brick wall."

For the full story and a video of a reporter interviewing extras waiting in line check this out.

Its nice to see the first glimpse of the set and what the costumes will be like, but we need more than this! Will someone from Plymouth or thereabouts send me more photos of the set - anything that is still, take a photo of it and anything moving - take a video for me! :-)

Source: The Herald

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