Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quick Post: Fifteen 3D Ready Programs on Blu-ray Disc Coming

Naperville, Ill. (September 15, 2008) -- TDVision Systems, Inc., the leader in design and development of 3D digital infrastructures and visualization systems, announces today the release of high-definition 3D ride films library by MagicPlay Entertainment in the TDVision's TDVCodec format on Blu-ray™ beginning later this year. The news was announced today by Manuel Gutierrez, CEO of TDVision Systems, Inc. and Shelley Praamsma, International Business Director of MagicPlay.

The TDVCodec is ready to bring 3D cinema experiences from movie theaters to home. We are passionate making all of this possible with our innovative software and applications. We believe consumers will soon be able to enjoy 3D films at home in real cinema quality,” said Shelley Praamsma, International Business Director of MagicPlay Entertainment.

The Chinese Entertainment Powerhouse MagicPlay and TDVision collaborated on this project due to high consumer demand. TDVision Systems is a contributing member to SMPTE, ATSC, 3DConsortium and 3D@Home Task Forces charged with the standardization and mass adoption of 3D in the home.

We are meeting a historic window of opportunity for mass adoption of 3D in the home,” said Manuel Gutierrez, CEO of TDVision Systems Inc., speaking from the SMPTE 3D Task Force meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. “This move will simplify the decision for consumers. One will only need to buy a single Blu-ray disc that works in 2D as well as in 3D and plays back on all 3D ready televisions in the highest resolution possible including DLP, LCD, and LaserVue televisions,” he continued.

This was a perfect collaboration for TDVision and MagicPlay. China has one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world. The global entertainment industry is expected to show an annual growth of 10% in the next four years and this first set of Blu-ray discs will help to demonstrate feasibility for massive 3D adoption at home, brought to you by TDVision, ” said Ethan Schur, Marketing Director for TDVision Systems, Inc.

About TDVision:

TDVision Systems, Inc. is the owner of several 3D-related patents for proprietary system architectures, which will propel a media breakthrough by providing true 3D through means of this new digital technology. This technology allows the acquiring, emulation and processing of a 3D image from a video stream or computer-generated image. The architecture also allows the use of current existing infrastructures, and with the addition of TDVision’s hardware, enables true 3D in High Definition.

About MagicPlay:

MagicPlay Entertainment is a private company based in Los Angeles, China and Taiwan. MagicPlay and its partners are fully integrated multinational companies specializing in 3-D and 4-D cinematic experiences. MagicPlay has installed over 75 attractions and theme parks and are the production and the distributor of 2-D, 3-D, 4-D attraction films, with over 40 films. MagicPlay and its partners are engaged in producing 3D, 4D special effect and animated films with an annual production of 4 to 6 new films providing simulation and three-dimensional visual experiences to family and theme park goers. Today, MagicPlay and its partners are fully equipped with Blu-ray authoring and encoding and is self severed with Blu-ray distribution. MagicPlay is going to debut the first ever 3D films in Blu-ray format together with TDVision Systems, Inc.

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TDVision Systems, Inc.

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