Monday, November 24, 2008

AVATAR Source: Teaser Clip Being Readied For Early December AND Our Exclusive Images Confirmed!

Jim here. A lot of excitement has been generated over the past few days about AVATAR and what is happening with this project. Security has been extremely tight, but that has never stopped us before right?

And so, I have been in contact with another source of mine (in a position to know) and he/she assures me of the following items:

1. The recent concept art from Jonay is not representative of what the Na'vi look like today and was his own work. Ok, fair enough - Jonay was clear about them being a way of getting a position with them and not the real deal. This also backs up this claim.
2. The silhouette version of the female Na'vi and the zoomed in close up of the male Na'vi in this exclusive high resolution shot ARE real. We should expect the female Na'vi to be extremely attractive to most, but the males will be very sinister and dark.
3. Ney'tiri herself will be exceptionally attractive and sexy.
4. James Cameron WILL HAVE a a video teaser ready for early December and it will have visual effects and CGI! We are not certain if it will be shown before Day The Earth Stood Still (DTESS), but the actual footage portion will be 2 minutes and 15 seconds long. I am guessing that the additional time will be filled with perhaps Cameron talking about the project and how awesome it will be, or even past box office successes from Cameron - we all know that the teaser containers said 3 minutes and 57 seconds. Or we could actually see the full 3:57 - the big message here is that we should expect to see this teaser. I still am hazarding a guess for the 3D Summit in LA or a teaser trailer for DTESS.
5. Weta is having a hard time pleasing Cameron on pieces of AVATAR. JC sometimes doesn't like what he sees (we know this already about him - he is a perfectionist) so Weta struggles at times with it. Not overly surprising, but still - Weta knows what they are doing!
6. Cameron has a great marketing plan in mind - no one knows what it is yet though!
7. The AVATAR footage that Jon Favreau saw was 90% pre visuals.

Interesting stuff! Nice to hear that the silhouette and high resolution zoom of the Na'vi is REAL. Many of you thought that Weta has borrowed something from KING KONG for the design of this sinister creature - you may be bang on. Apparently the Ney'tiri character will be a knock out and will be talked about a lot by guys everywhere! And how about seeing that teaser - he assures us that a large block of special effects and CGI has been readied for early December! Peculiar that he says that is only 2:15m, but hey lots of things could be put in to round it up to almost 4m. Man I hope it is revealed at the 3D Entertainment Summit, but it looks as though DTESS will be the vehicle to launch the first official teaser trailer based on the clip being ready in December.

I have asked some follow up questions and I will let you know more when I do... I hope this guy/gal continues to send us stuff, because the insight into AVATAR is amazing.

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