Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Poster

Jim here. The new Jonas Brothers 3D Concert movie poster is on the interwebs. Gotta say it looks a little lame - but maybe this is only the first of a few of them. Looks more like a high end luggage ad to me.

I was expecting a poster immersed in the actual concert footage - I think that would give a better idea of what was in store for them - unless there is a ton of behind the scenes storyline. Could be.

Has anybody heard if it will be just the concert or there is some 'reality' to it? Their lives must be pretty surreal to most 'tweens though. I hope the movie is a success, they seem like nice kids. Can't say I am into their music, but I will tap my feet to just about anything anyway!

Using U2 3D as my barometer, they have a long way to go to show me the goods on this movie - but I know technically it will be done EXTREMELY well. Vince Pace is involved. Vince is the co-inventor of the Pace/Cameron Fusion 3D camera system that is being used on AVATAR and many other projects. You can read more about PACE here.

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