Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 To Be Shot In 3D? Could Happen!

Jim here. To be frank, any future tentpole from Disney could be 3D. We know all of their animated features will be 3D (both Disney AND Pixar) and so it is easy to speculate that since Disney is 3D empowered lately (BOLT is opening this weekend and Hannah Montana led the way earlier this year), why not start guessing about their leading franchises?

Like PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. Variety speculates that an announcement could happen very soon - well, there is certainly opportunity with 2 major 3D conferences going on within the next couple of weeks 3DX in Singapore (on NOW) and the 3D Entertainment Summit in LA on December 1-2. Expect a LOT of noise from these events!

We know the 3D trailer for Disney's TR2N was shown at the 3DX Festival in Singapore and it absolutely rocked the house. Of course when they start whipping out their classics like BEAUTY AND THE BEAST for 3D conversion, you know the time has come.

Yes, I agree. Expect a POTC 3D announcement anytime...

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