Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will BOLT Light Up TWILIGHT This Weekend?

**SAME DAY UPDATE #2: Box Office Mojo just released their Theater counts and guess who comes out on top? BOLT has 3,651 and TWILIGHT has 3,419. Don't mess with the mouse...

Peter over at /Film has TWILIGHT collecting $64m+ with BOLT coming in at $40m - but I think a lot of people are forgetting the power of 3D. Look at what Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus voices Penny in Bolt) did with her concert last winter! Could be some heads shaking after all that turkey...

Hey guys - Jim here. You know, there has been a flood of viral word of mouth for Twilight and justifiably so based on the literary achievements of the best selling books. There is a certain female demographic that has pushed this movie to the edge with advanced ticket sales and "must see" status.

But I am thinking that it won't be enough. Sure, that is a strong demographic but so is Disney and it's traditional November family movies. Top that off with the 'tween factor of Miley Cyrus and what looks to be an outstanding work of animation from John Lasseter (the brains behind Pixar) and crew - look out.

This weekend will be very exciting to see who comes out on top! Of course I am vying for the 3D masterpiece to bring home the spoils and I am biased slightly - but I feel very comfortable in predicting that BOLT will shock a lot of TWILIGHT fans this weekend in relegating them to second place.

So how do you feel? Will BOLT light up TWILIGHT this weekend? Don't forget to vote in our poll on the left hand column!

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