Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick Post: Panasonic Submits Proposal For 3D Standard On Blu-ray Disc

Jim here. It's happening very fast - Panasonic is jumping ahead of the crowd and moving for 3DHD standardization. Here is a quote from EngadgetHD:

"Just days after hearing that the HDMI specification could be updated to better handle stereoscopic 3D content, along comes word that Panasonic has submitted a proposal to the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) for an official BD standard to store 3D imagery formed of "left / right-eye two-channel Full HD images." Panny reportedly made the move early in order avoid a format war, but really, it's just looking to cash in on royalties for the next decade five years or less. It's no secret that movie studios are dead set on moving forward with 3D production -- might as well be ready on the other end, right?"

Looks like a powerplay, but of course it was coming. Let's see what pans out - there are a lot of players in the market! The sooner we get 3DHD into our homes the better.

Source: EngadgetHD

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