Saturday, December 06, 2008

Amazing 103 inch Panasonic 3D Plasma HDTV! (3D Summit)

Michael here. Panasonic's 103 inch 1080P 3D plasma is simply incredible, a huge leap in quality over the other 3D HDTV's I have seen.

I got to see it at the 3D Entertainment Summit in a special demonstration room, where an assortment of 3D content, including footage from the Beijing Olympics, was shown in a mini-theater style setting.

The main difference between this 3DTV and others (besides the size) is that this set displays 3D in full 1080P resolution--not the interlaced, half-the-vertical-resolution-at-a-time resolution of many other 3DTV's. Add to this the fact that it is a plasma (much brighter and crisper picture than the 3D DLP televisions), and you've got an incredibly eye popping image. The vibrance, clarity, and depth of the 3D was absolutely as good as any I have seen in a theater, sans IMAX.

Although this 103 inch model will almost certainly be prohibitively expensive for the non-wealthy for many years (and according to the Panasonic rep, it isn't even for sale to the public yet), I think it's very likely we could see a smaller (50 inch range) version for a few thousand within a few years time.

A cool factoid about this TV: James Cameron is using it to edit Avatar.

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