Friday, December 05, 2008

Jeffrey Katzenberg Keynote Podcast! (3D Summit)

Michael here.  Jeffrey Katzenberg very passionately and convincingly laid out the case for 3-D in his keynote at the 3D Entertainment Summit.  His analysis of the digital and 3-D screen rollout (he keeps a daily updated tally) bodes very well for the future of 3-D.  Some very interesting numbers and predictions.

Listen to Katzenberg's talk below:

He also treated the audience to an extended scene from Monsters Vs. Aliens (the same that was shown back at ShoWest back in March--check out a detailed description of this footage here.)   The quality of the stereo visuals in this scene was incredible, and was a marked improvement over past 3-D CG animated releases in effectively utilizing 3-D to make the viewer feel like part of the battle.  Needless to say, Monsters vs. Aliens will in many ways be the true debut of "ground up" 3-D animated film, in which the movie is designed for 3-D from script and storyboards all the way to the final sound mix and color timing.

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