Monday, December 01, 2008

Speak Russian? New "Monsters vs. Aliens" Poster

**SAME DAY UPDATE: And now the English version! lol Thanks for the update Colin (Get The Big Picture) - though I disagree with your sentiment...

Jim here guys. Dah. Looks like another MONSTERS VS. ALIENS poster has popped up - this time an international version from Russia...

I don't know what it says obviously, but if someone who knew Russian, or had a Russian keyboard to type in those characters into an online translator (and so is probably Russian anyway) could post the meaning of it - much appreciated! Already know the title, thank you very much!

The character depicted in the poster is known as B.O.B. and is played by Seth Rogen. He is a gelatinous mass. B.O.B. is rather...

Trailer is here.

I think that there will be one of these posters for each character in the movie - why not start with the Rogenizer!

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