Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Neilsen Paints Rosy 3D Picture For 2009

It is no real surprise to me that industry leading Neilsen has echoed what I have been saying for some time now - even when the economy is not doing well, Hollywood tends to perform as well or better than during peak periods. What has them really excited in the advent of 3D. Here is what they had to say:

"Cinema admissions will increase fueled by growing availability of 3D movies and theatres."

"While many families are likely to keep a tight reign on their budgets in 2009, movie theatres might just be the exception. Why? Consumers appear to love 3D films. In fact, gross sales increased over 60% for films exhibited in 3D as compared to traditional film, and this increase is due to higher prices and higher attendance. With over a 1000 3D theatres already in the U.S. and with studios helping to fund the transition from 35MM to 3D, 2009 is looking particularly good. In fact, with as many as 11 major movie releases expected to hit the screens in 2009, including James Cameron's "Avatar", this is bound to have the cinemas seeing green."
You haven't seen half of it yet! The best 3D movies have yet to grace our screens - and of course AVATAR will be the true turning point for the stereoscopic industry's launch into everyone's reality. Neilsen should check their "major movie releases" for 2009 however - as there are 14 / 15 the way I see it.

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