Monday, January 12, 2009

James Cameron Endorses Panasonic's 3D Products: For On Set And At Home

Jim here. Thanks Darkoo for another great heads up! Here is a Panasonic presentation about their 3D TV systems with a testimonial from James Cameron.

Panasonic were not the only ones showing off their 3D enabled flatscreens at CES - Sony, Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi and Philips also flexed their 3D biceps. Be sure to listen to the excellent 3D TV panel discussion that Michael captured here.

James Cameron speaks briefly here about endorsing Panasonic products and the use of them on AVATAR. Michael already scrapped up the knowledge that Cameron used Panasonic's 103 inch flatscreen for their dailies.

Another very interesting item about this video is that it shows the foliage behind Cameron is GREEN - and not blue or another alien color. Is this further proof that the flora on Pandora is green and not blue? Or just a coincidence that he was standing in some hotel lobby talking about AVATAR's flora? No coincidence I think.

Personally I love Panasonic products - they seem to be tackling 3D head-on and for that, hats off.

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