Monday, January 12, 2009

ANOTHER New AVATAR Photo - This One Doesn't Disappoint!

**SECOND SAME DAY UPDATE: I heard from the source that originally gave me the chamber info that this one looks very similar to the "avatar connection" ones that he saw - only they were much more vertical than horizontal.

Also he said that the circular area behind looks like the main security command area on the planet. He said that the command area was getting A LOT of attention so he thinks many of the scenes will be shot there.

He confirmed that this is definitely NOT one of the two labs (there is a very large lab and a smaller mobile lab that Weavers character spends a lot of time in). The lab areas have benches, equipment, girders and stuff hanging from the ceiling.

He conjectured that perhaps Cameron had this photo taken when many elements from different sets where all in one place. Could be!

From all that I have heard my feeling is that it is indeed the COMMAND CENTER behind Cameron and I am on the fence regarding the chamber - either it is a "avatar communication chamber" or perhaps a travel stasis chamber.

Jim here. WOW! A very exciting AVATAR photo this time courtesy of the NYTimes.

Features James Cameron standing behind one of his AVATAR chambers used in the movie! This is the chamber that humans lie down in to "connect" with their "avatars" on the planet Pandora.

**PERHAPS NOT! SAME DAY UPDATE: A reader over at Slashfilm states:
"I am a production assistant on this movie, I cannot disclose too much since I am under a contract not to say anything. First off, this is a space shuttle, as you can tell, the green screen is the front window and that circular area in the middle is the control station. Much like the movie Alien, the pod that James is looking at is a hyperbaric chamber where the crew sleeps while traveling at light speed. Since this movie takes place in a epic mystic future on a distant planet, its interesting to see how James mixes space and fantasy in this 3-D epic event. I feel I have said too much, but I have been an avid reader of slashfilm for sometime now and I really like the work you guys put into this blog. I hope this was some insight to the movie since this is all I can contractually say, I know the official trailer will be released with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen... Woops, now I've said too much, but thank god the internet can be anonymous!!!"

Hope you don't mind me posting the whole comment Peter - but it is quite interesting! That being said, it is hard to imagine a Production Assistant disclosing ANYTHING about this movie - let alone a release date for the trailer. This could very well be bogus. We shall see!

I had an earlier, first hand description of these structures from an eye witness way back DURING production if you will recall - you can read more about what he had to say here although clearly they are not upright! They must have changed this aspect of the labs.

The ever present green screen is in behind what looks to be the control room area for the chambers. And if you look closely, the chambers are filled with some sort of clear fluid. Interesting!

It is suspect that Signourney Weaver's character plays a large role in the discovery of being able to control their avatars through such a system.

It seems Fox is set on releasing their official AVATAR images through large media newspapers like the LA Times and NY Times so far. Here's hoping that they start to look at the blogoshere for some exclusivity (*ahem* - MarketSaw).

What do you guys make of the chamber?

Original photo courtesy Mark Fellman, Fox

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