Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Battle For Terra" 3D Animation Coming May 1

Jim here. Well I have to say I heard nothing of this production until one of their digital artists, David Maldonaldo from Snoot Entertainment contacted me directly today.

Lionsgate will be distributing May 1. Again, I am stunned I had not heard of this movie before today. It has an excellent voice cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Brian Cox, James Garner, Chris Evans, Danny Glover, Amanda Peet, David Cross, Justin Long, Luke Wilson and Dennis Quaid.

Here is what David had to say:
"The first trailer has debuted online - and will be shown in 3D in front of JONAS BROTHERS 3D and MONSTERS VS ALIENS 3D.

We a
re quite proud of the movie, ...the 3D will be a wonder to look at, i promise you..."

So... without further adieu, take a look at BATTLE FOR TERRA:

It looks like an impressive effort - and the storyline looks intriguing. I am definitely down for seeing it! On of my readers commented that it looks to be influenced by AVATAR with the flying creatures, etc - could be, could be.

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