Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Microsoft To Beat Nintendo To The 3D Punch?

Jim here. Seems Microsoft might be getting into the 3D business! Recently, Microsoft has been rumored to be looking at an Israeli company, 3DV Systems for a reported $35 million. 3DV has a product called ZCam that traces your body's movement in front of 3D cameras - without the need of using gadgets like a Wii controller. It measures speed and depth of motion.

So a motion control system for gaming that does not require you to hold anything.

It is not that hard to imagine a potential pairing of this with stereoscopic 3D gaming and presto! Integration with the XBOX 360? A new paradigm for the next XBOX platform? Could be!

As far as I am concerned, this has got nothing but upside associated with it. Love the XBOX but it really does need to have a 3D element integrated soon. LEFT 4 DEAD in 3D on the XBOX? Heck yeah.

Thanks for the heads up Maurice!

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