Thursday, February 05, 2009

Know Motion Builder? Weta Looking For TDs For Tintin

Steven Spielberg and Weta are looking for applicants who know Motion Builder for the motion capture based movie TINTIN:

Weta Digital is looking for LA-based artists with experience in Motion Builder for a limited period shoot (Tintin). Immediate start. Applicants should be technically competent and comfortable working within a team that is processing a high-volume of data (that's an understatement!).

The position involves:
Integrating post-processed motion capture data and into virtual environments.
Developing motion-montages for virtual camera work (Experience using the Story tool is a plus)
Generating and checking rendered media.

Please contact:
Ben Murray (
Meredith Meyer-Nichols (

So if you have the creds - what are earth are you waiting for?

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Jim Dorey
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