Friday, February 06, 2009

Single Viewer 3D Illusions Through Head Motion With Your Nintendo Wii

Jim here. I saw this today and was utterly amazed that this technology is actually sitting in thousands of homes right now. The guy who came up with this idea is Johnny Lee, a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University. He has taken a standard Nintendo Wii system and reversed the role of the Wii controller and its infrared bar! By doing this he has created a virtual reality type system (for only one viewer unfortunately) and has created a 3D effect through the use of motion.

In fact, Lee created a whole project out of it.

You have got to check this out! Playing a FPS like Fall Out or Gears of War would look stunning in this system.

Now imagine this IR technology MIXED with stereoscopic displays! I wonder just how immersive that would be? Hats off to Mr. Lee. What a history that name has! Bruce Lee, Stan Lee, Johnny Lee! :-)

Source: ZDNet

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