Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quick Post: Cameron's "Avatar" Set 500 Years In The Future?

Jim here - thanks Scumfrog for pointing this out to me: During a recent interview with my friend "El Guapo" over at LatinoReview, Michael Lewis, CEO of RealD said that he has seen some footage of James Cameron's AVATAR and...

"I think that every director is kind of putting their personal imprint on what we're seeing. Henry Selick, here tonight, this picture is incredible. It's got a juxtaposition of technology and stop motion with 21st century technology RealD. So that's really cool, it's real and lifelike. Cameron is designing synthetic worlds to take people into a place, 26th century environments and you just can't beat it."

Well that is news to most people I would imagine - the original scriptment had AVATAR being set 100 years in the future. I would say - get ready for some wild futuristic material! Can you imagine trying to fathom what technology would be in use today from the year 1509? If Cameron has pulled that off - amazing!

Perhaps Mr. Lewis was in error with that, I don't know. But wow, if it is true... :-) Be sure to read the whole interview at LatinoReview.

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