Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3D Dark Ages vs. 3D Renaissance

Jim here. Well we are about to get inundated with magazines with the all too familiar anaglyph 3D format from none other than Entertainment Weekly (you saw their online contributions here already), Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated and Time. They are all using the same format that was used for the Super Bowl MONSTERS VS. ALIENS commercial - you know the one that does not do the movie any justice whatsoever.

Yeah that sounds agressive I know. Hey, I understand that ColorCode 3-D is just trying to make a go of it. But, sorry, this is the 3D Renaissance we are having right now, not the 3D Dark Ages. It is too confusing for audiences that are viewing the material thinking: "Why on earth would I pay to see that 3D? It's giving me a headache after only a few minutes!"

I will say this again and again and again: This ColorCode technology is NOT what we will be seeing in the theaters for MONSTERS VS. ALIENS or any of the modern 3D lineup listed here. Far from it. It is so far removed from the technology that I actually think it is doing more harm than good. Destroying the modern 3D brand if you will.

From the ColorCode press release: "3-D images will be supporting the stories and over 16 million 3-D glasses have been produced to be distributed together with the magazines. The 3-D system used to make this possible is called ColorCode 3-D and is the same system used for the 3-D commercials during this year’s Super Bowl when over 130 million ColorCodeViewers (3-D glasses) were distributed to American households.

The magazines will focus on their respective readers’ interest covering the latest news and upcoming trends in 3-D as an important part of visual communication. ColorCode 3-D has made it possible to visualize these stories with images that will stand out in full-color 3-D using the attached ColorCodeViewer. The images will also be fully viewable without the 3-D glasses but then as ordinary flat images."

I know many of you have already read my negative opinions on keeping anaglyph directly connected with modern 3D movies. This is for new readers that are just catching up now. Remember that when you go see MONSTERS VS. ALIENS or A CHRISTMAS CAROL or AVATAR this year, the experience is going to blow you away! It will not be the red and blue or red and yellow ordeal we go through with these anaglyph glasses. Trust me. You will LOVE it.

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