Sunday, March 01, 2009

J.J. Abrams sports "Avatar" threads at "Trek" Panel!

**SAME DAY UPDATE #2: Jim here - A great MarketSaw reader named Mirza sent me a link to Trekmovie and I blew up the blow up of the Power Suit! :-) You can see the bottom of the shirt much better with this enlargement.

**SAME DAY UPDATE: Jim here - Got an update from the authentic Na'vi photo source (so it is DAMN reliable!) that the image on JJ's shirt is "an exploded parts schematic of the Power Suits (as referred to in the scriptment)." AWESOME!

Wish we could make more of it out. Anybody have better shots of it than this? Send it our way if you do!
And definitely check out the AICN WonderCon report...

Michael here. We've heard a bit about Jon Favreau's and Danny Boyle's enthusiasm for Avatar, and of course many other top directors have visited the set. So it doesn't surprise me that J.J. Abrams would don an Avatar shirt at the WonderCon panel for Star Trek. After all, his Uhura is Cameron's Ney'tiri.

Click here for Quint's great report on the WonderCon "Trek" panel over at Aintitcool, including close-ups of J.J.'s Avatar shirt!

I'm having some trouble making out the text and design on the shirt - any readers who can help, please chime in below.
photo by Quint

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