Monday, March 02, 2009

Remake of "Re-animator" In 3D?

According to STYD (via Cinematical), the anticipated remake of RE-ANIMATOR (after a dismissal of a sequel notion) has hit the desk of Ray Haboush (Halcyon International Pictures) who will be producing the project. The original director of BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR Brian Yuzna looks, to be interested as well (thanks Conbarba).

Don't forget, the original has a RottenTomatoes critic's score of 92%. These are hard, and bloody, shoes to fill.

The main character of RE-ANIMATOR is Dr. Herbert West, a student of medicine who is developing a formula to revive the dead. Things go horribly wrong once human testing starts.

Haboush and Yuzna are very interested in shooting RE-ANIMATOR in 3D, so you know what? They have my blessing. Another great horror movie is being introduced to 3D!

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