Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick Post: "Monsters vs. Aliens" Opens Huge In Russia

Jim here. According to Variety, MONSTERS VS. ALIENS has opening very well in Russia and Ukraine markets earning $6.2 million from 644 locations in those smaller markets - Katzenberg wanted to take advantage of their kid's spring break so it makes loads of sense to do this.

MvsA was the fourth highest grossing animation of all time in Russia - and take note that Russia does not have a great 3D screen penetration as of yet. Heck neither do we. Suffice to say there are far fewer 3D screens in Russia and we all know that the more 3D screens the better for revenues.

From Variety: "Jeffrey has always been very cognizant about having a world view, which is 'let's do the best thing for the movie and release it in the most commercially beneficial time we can,' " said Paramount prexy of domestic distribution Andrew Cripps. "To miss out on a weeklong holiday doesn't make sense."

Katzenberg has made similar moves in the past, including opening 2004's"Shark Tale" first in Australia."

So far so good. Read the whole Variety article here. Looks like a good time for all this weekend!

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