Tuesday, April 07, 2009

3D Everywhere - 2009 NAB Show

By Rochelle Winters - NAB Keynote and Supersession Programmer and Special Correspondent For MarketSaw

Stereoscopic 3-D will be everywhere at the 2009 NAB Show (April 18 – 23 in Las Vegas). Friday, April 10, is the last day to register for a free exhibits only pass (enter code HW01). PGA, VES and FIND members receive $ 100.00 off conference entrance fees (info on the org’s websites).


Monday afternoon, April 20, is a hot time with several premieres . Henry Selick will keynote about creating an optimal brew of traditional and new technologies (3-D of course), and speak about “Coraline” in this context. BSkyB’s 3-D honcho, Gerry O’Sullivan, will be unveiling lots of stereo 3-D footage from the network’s library – sports, serial programming, music—in his keynote about 3DTV. Sky just road tested its 3DTV solution last week, and is in an enviable position to push the go button (if it so desires) because it both creates and distributes its own content.

The afternoon ends with the 3-D alternative content supersession in which Globo TV’s Jose Dias will premiere the first footage from the Carnival 3D/Rio de Janeiro production (shot two months ago). He will do so as part of a panel discussion on alternative 3-D content that includes execs from the NBA, AEG Network Live, Cinedigm and Sky.


The Digital Cinema Summit (April 18, 19) is called 3D Cinema and Beyond: Lens to the Living Room and is all about 3-D mostly from the technical side. Highlights include a session on 3-D sports featuring Vince Pace (NBA games), Fox’s Jerry Steinberg (BCS Game), advances in 3-D cinema technology (Dolby, XpanD, Sony and Real D sharing the stage) and keynotes from Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine) and Mark Zoradi (Disney)


Pixar Case Study, focusing on the making of “Up” and “Toy Story 2” in 3D


There’s a 3-D pavilion with companies across the entire 3-D supply chain including 3ality, Nvidia, Philips and 3D@HomeConsortium. Exhibitors throughout the Show will also be showing their latest 3-D offerings.

This sounds like an awesome 3D lineup this year for NAB. Having just come from ShoWest, I can personally vouch for the overwhelming support 3D is attaining in the industry. 2009 is definitely the Year of 3D. Thank you Rochelle for this update and I look forward to hearing more from you as the show progresses!

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