Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Live in Arizona? Wanna Be Eaten By Piranhas in 3D? Look No Further!

Jim here. Good Faith Casting is about to open their doors to movie extras for Alexandre Aja's horror PIRANHA 3D. They are located in Lake Havasu, AZ and payscale is a typical minimum wage with time and a half after 8 hours. Oh and you are feed as well - onsite catering. But of course you don't go for the money but the thrill of it and this project has fun written all over it.

Watch out for casting scams though - some are already on the go. The bottom line is you should never have to pay someone to be considered for background role. If they are asking for money a red flag should go up.

There are also some opportunities for some one-liners in the movie and you do get paid more for these. Speaking roles also contribute toward potential membership in the Screen Actors Guild at some point. Most speaking roles are cast through NYC, LA or Phoenix though.

Here are the contact details if you are interested!

Good Faith Casting Office
Travis McAfee and Chris Davis
209 English Village, close to L.A. Styles.
No set hours yet and a drop-in visits not encouraged.
Hotline: 928-575-6518 (Email is preferred however).

You should also e-mail the following to be considered as an extra: full body photo, face photo, and your contact information to

Trust me when I say this - background acting can be a blast! I was a viking in Jim Caviezel's OUTLANDER and everday was awesome. For someone interested in career in acting, it is a good way to get acquainted with what is involved and behind the scenes operations. Heck I would go just to see the 3D cameras and Aja in action!! If you do decide to sign up, let me know - my email is jim marketsaw com. Good luck!

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