Friday, April 03, 2009

Exclusive: Chris Pine Talks Star Trek Sequel - Will it be in 3D? (ShoWest 2009)

Hi everyone, Michael here.  I had the chance to ask the new James Tiberius Kirk himself, Chris Pine, about the possibility of the recently announced sequel to J.J. Abrams' Star Trek being made in 3D.  Pine thinks that given J.J.'s love of technology, he would probably love to do something in 3D, but it remains to be seen whether Trek 2 will be a 3D project.

Here is my question:

Hi Chris.  Star Trek looks amazing - I can't wait for it.  The sequel was just announced, and at ShoWest this year 3D movies have been a major topic.  I know you worked with Zoe Saldana who worked on James Cameron's Avatar, which will be in 3D.  Also, at WonderCon, J.J. was wearing an Avatar t-shirt.  So what are your thoughts on having Star Trek 2 be in 3D?

Watch Pine's response below:

Star Trek looks like a fantastic reboot with all the right ingredients.  We'll keep you updated on Star Trek 2 as we find out more.

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