Friday, April 03, 2009

Exclusive: Michael Bay NOT attached to "The Birds" And Not Interested In Transformers 3 In 3D (So far...)

**Update: April 4 - Got the video for you; see below...

Jim here. I had the opportunity to ask Michael Bay a couple of 3D related questions today at ShoWest. And had some startling revelations:

1. He is NOT attached to THE BIRDS. Despite a clear history of his supposed involvement with the project - he emphatically shot down that he has "nothing to do with it".

2. When asked about TRANSFORMERS 3 being in 3D, he states that no he won't be doing that - BUT throws in the caveat that it is because the ways he shoots is too aggressive for 3D cameras. He says that they haven't come up with a system where he could be precise enough.

Well, listen guys - I suspect that once he sees AVATAR he tune will change drastically. In fact, I would like to suggest that Bay knock on Cameron's door and take a look at the work in progress. Perhaps he will. Perhaps he will see just what is possible with stereoscopic 3D today through Cameron as has Spielberg, Jackson, Soderbergh and Scott have (to name a few).

Here is the video of the question - and others - courtesy of Frosty over at Collider. We had a slight technical problem with our video capture, but it's all good. You just don't get to see my smiling face while I question him...

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