Thursday, May 21, 2009

Na'vi Hoax Deleted: New AVATAR Material Will Be Thoroughly Vetted

Wow I am disappointed in the new sources that have been sending in material (to say the least)! Well you know what? I don't need any new sources quite frankly. So with all new pending material coming in (and I get the stuff practically weekly) it will be considered garbage until totally cleared by all I know.

The only material I will post from this moment on without hesitation will be from my trusted sources. Sorry - but that is the way that cookie crumbles. We had a good thing going, but - like a really bad virus - there are a few swine out there.

And this is a clean site for the most part. Anyone coming in here and leaving comments using profanity or slinging mud will be banned. Period.

Thank you Debbie for the sane comment and for linking directly to the image (which is gorgeously done I might add).

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