Monday, May 25, 2009

Exclusive First Look: AVATAR Heavy Equipment Spy Shot!!!

Jim here. Ok guys - I know what you are thinking: Is this spy shot real or fake? (Click to enlarge) THIS IS REAL and here is why...

You are looking at the first glimpse of a piece of heavy equipment from AVATAR. I know what it is but I want to test your knowledge of the movie! What is it?? :-) Read below for some incentive to tell me what it is!

So where did I get this from? My best AVATAR source, that's where. This is guaranteed GOLD. I will never give a guarantee unless I am absolutely certain that this is the real deal. It is. And I guarantee it. I have learned a lot from the past week or so about trusting first time sources - you don't, no matter how good they look and how well you can verify them. So you have to be careful. This photo comes from a TRUSTED source that provided me with the first look at the Na'vi from Pandora. So ENJOY!!

We were all getting tired of the fake stuff circulating around lately and to be honest with you - I still am getting this stuff a few times a week. Some of it looks damn good - but as always I check with my trusted sources to verify and well, most of them don't make the cut. Getting photos like this one today from a great source makes it all worthwhile though!!

Just as good as a poster don't you think? :-) Half decent resolution and it looks darn mean!! Let's see who can come up with the name of this piece of equipment in AVATAR first in the comments section below... Then let's talk about it... :-)

So it is payback time for all you loyal MarketSaw readers! Another AVATAR photo to revel in. And it looks awesome! Damn I'm stoked for this movie!! Keep it on MarketSaw for the best coverage guys!

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