Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Another E3 Vid: John Landau and Ubisoft Producer Talk "Avatar"

Hi, Michael here with another video from E3, this one from the Associated Press:


-John Landau explains the level of divergence between the game and movie, saying that the plot of the game takes place a full two years before we ever arrive at Pandora in the movie.

-Landau calls the game "a great tease to the movie." He mentions how they want to educate people about the world of Pandora before the movie opens, as there "is so much there." Letting audiences step in the theater with some ground knowledge will help the movie "take them on a transportive story."

-Executive Producer of the Avatar Game Patrick Naud describes the insane levels of security within Ubisoft's Montreal offices, including what he calls "the bunker."

-Landau: "My Star Wars comparison is simply that they created a whole universe. I don't have the hubris to suggest that we will have the same success. But why do people turn to entertainment? They turn to it to escape the world we live in today. I think what Jim has done is created a world that people will want to escape to. Both in the video game, in the movie, in the toys, and elsewhere. And that's the similarity between Star Wars and Avatar."

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