Monday, June 08, 2009

Rumor Control: Cameron/Heavy Metal and Avatar 189 minute runtime

Michael here.  Both the purported 189 minute runtime for Avatar as well as the story that Cameron is directing a segment of a movie version of Heavy Metal should be viewed as mere rumors and speculation.  There has been nothing even approaching confirmation on either of these "stories."

Rumor #1: "Avatar" 189 Minute Runtime:

 The 189 minute story comes from the Twitter feed of a t-shirt selling website, via Slashfilm:

"According to the threadmeisters at Film Crew T-Shirts, the running time of James Cameron’s Avatar is going to be… drum roll please… 189 minutes. How would they know? Well, I assume they’ve fostered some strong relationships with members of, quite obviously, film crews, and furthermore that one of these folks is a crew member on Avatar. Far from impossible."

This runtime claim is unsubstantiated, and likely just a made-up rumor.  Looking at the t-shirt company's Twitter posting, they also seem to think that ancient, fake youtube Avatar trailer is real.  Plus none of the t-shirts on their film crew t-shirt website are actual crew shirts from real films. So there you go - the 189 minute thing is almost certainly guesswork at best.  

Also, we've known for over a year that Avatar would be 2.5 hours.  However, it is good to hear confirmation from Landau that the latest cut is "definitely over 2 and a half hours." Thanks to Slashfilm for getting that!  Whether it is in fact 39 minutes over that mark is still unkown.

Rumor #2: Cameron Signed to Direct "Heavy Metal" Segment:

The Heavy Metal rumor comes from an interview with Heavy Metal magazine owner Kevin Eastman, via Film School Rejects.  

This rumor (like any, I suppose) has a chance of being true, but it is unlikely at best.  First, this project has been in development hell for a long time, and no studio has picked it up.  Keep in mind too that producers sometimes purposefully spread rumors in order to build buzz about their projects.  Certain A-list directors (including Guillermo del Toro) that have previously been rumored to be signed to direct segments of this movie are now reportedly no longer involved.  So while Cameron may have at one point informally expressed interest in this project, his involvement is by no means confirmed.  Talent attachments to a film aren't even remotely "confirmed" until the studio officially sends out the green light, and even after that talent may drop out or be switched.  My guess is that this is wishful thinking on Eastman's part.

However, I'd definitely be the first to line up for a Heavy Metal movie - especially with Cameron and those other rumored directors helming segments - but as of now the movie is vaporware.

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