Thursday, July 23, 2009

3D Geek Alert: YouTube Developing Selectable 3D Video Formats

Jim here. I have had a few readers send this in to me so I thought I should put it up for you. I will preface this by saying I am not all that keen on anaglyph 3D, but this is really cool so here you are.

A skunkworks project (in this case taking only 20% of a developer's time) for delivering multiple different types of 3D video is underway. The developer's username is YouTube Pete and he has posted to the forums about his progress. This is pretty standard for Google - love their energy.

Here is an example video for you - check it out (you can make your eyes go lazy to blend in the two angles into one):

NOTE THAT YOU CAN CHANGE THE 3D FORMAT WITH THE DROPDOWN BOX HERE. The selections include Red/Cyan, Amber/Blue, Green/Magenta, Parellel, Cross-eyed, Mirror Split, Left and Right.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in to me. It's a cool thing - at least while we are waiting on a modern, stereoscopic 3D home video standard. Enjoy!

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