Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Avatar Game Site Updated!

Michael here. The official site for Ubisoft's Avatar game just underwent a big update. There is a cool new flash-based design for the site as well as a new interview with John Landau and the game's executive producer Patrick Naud, a discussion forum for the game, links to download very high resolution versions of three of the previously released screenshots, a news and developer blog, and a link to the official movie site which is "coming soon".

Also of note is that Ubisoft has three separate teams working on Avatar. One is responsible for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, another for the Nintendo Wii version, and the last for the Nintendo DS version. The interview also reveals that the Wii version will support the balance board.

I love the converging effect that happens when you mouse over the text on this site - I think that's a great tease about the revolutionary 3D aspect of the game.

Thanks to MarketSaw reader combi for the heads up!

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