Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quick Post: Giant Studios' Paradigm Shift AND A Question...

Jim here. Just a quick note about a fine article about Giant Studios over on The Hollywood Reporter: Read it.

I originally spoke about Giant back in the fall of last year and how they are paving new ground in motion capture technology and services (they tend to focus on full body motion capture as opposed to facial 'performance capture'). They built and serviced 'The Volume' for James Cameron's AVATAR. It is all very exciting - a paradigm shift for Hollywood if you will.

So after reading the THR's column I have a question for you - the same I asked last fall:

Who owns the rights to the actor's performances and the subsequent data that has been generated from it? Can a studio re-purpose that data at a later date on an entirely different project? Or is it the actor who has the right to assign where this data goes?

I want your opinion!

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