Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scenes From AVATAR Being Shown In Los Angeles Today!

Jim here. Today is a good day to be in the theater business and live in Los Angeles! James Cameron and Fox are showing a 20 minutes of scenes from AVATAR to an exclusive lot of theater owners at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood - and it definitely has a purpose...

Deploy more 3D screens! Cameron is clearly aiming at owners to understand just what AVATAR will deliver to 3D theaters and why they need to convert RIGHT NOW. Through the five hour meeting (yep - FIVE hours) the exhibitors will have the gauntlet thrown at them.

The scenes are most likely the exact same as what was shown in Amsterdam's Cinema Expo earlier this year and what will be shown at Comic-Con.

This story comes via the LATimes and while they mention a new budget of $240 million for AVATAR, I am sure they are WAY under. I have said that I predict the final budget to be north of $300 million and I am sticking to that conviction. Heck the budget was $200m before they extended the release by 6 months for more expensive post production.

If we can get more about this event today (or somehow get in) we will let you know ASAP! :-)

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