Thursday, August 13, 2009


**SAME DAY UPDATE: Looks like this facial photo of an avatar is already out there in some capacity. I am sure a reader will post a link to it if it is available. This post will allow a logical discussion about the pics and that it is not a great representation of final product.

Do NOT view this post if you want a pristine viewing experience of James Cameron's AVATAR.

Jim here. What better way to follow up our 1,000th post than with something to excite you from AVATAR. I have been holding back publishing *anything* to do with the spy video footage I have from Comic-Con as it is NOT the best way to see the results. You see watching 3D without 3D glasses leaves distortions on the screen - far from ideal.

But there are times when the distortion is somewhat reduced. It happens for various reasons, but mostly because what both eyes are seeing are just about the same.

The greatest contributing factor to this post is that a fine reader of ours, Julia from Brazil, discovered some images on a well known photo sharing site that originated from this same clip that I have. Therefore I know it to be 100% authentic.

I am posting this avatar photo here as they would be public in a matter of time anyway - just as the hands and feet became. Julia was kind enough to tell me first. I will never post the full clip though. It is NOT in the best interest of the movie. So please do not ask anymore! :-)

The photo of Jake's avatar is not a good one as far as resolution is concerned - it is blurry. Further, the angle in which this video was shot was one of the worst in the theater - about 50 to 60 degrees off to the right side and angled well up by another 20 to 30 degrees. It seems this photo was retouched to try to compensate for the angles. It did not totally succeed as the eye is distorted. But you get the idea. It was also a brightly lit up lab.

The second and third photos show the hands and feet of an avatar and they are definitely from the clip as well. These were originally available on the IMDb AVATAR boards. Have a look.

It is exciting to be able to talk about these photos because they will begin to give you a sense of just how majestic AVATAR will be. It is EXTREMELY well made. What you are seeing in these pictures do not do the final product full justice by any means, but it does give you a further connection.

When we have more info that we can pass on, we will be sure to do so. So enjoy the look at an avatar!

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