Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our 1,000th Post! What The Future Holds For MarketSaw...

Hey guys, Jim here. Michael and I want to thank you for your readership over the past few years and wow, has MarketSaw ever grown. I can remember like it was yesterday thinking that, hey - now is the time that someone should be talking about 3D movies - yet no one was. Opportunity knocks, and not just any opportunity - one that I am passionate about.

So what about the future of MarketSaw? Would you like to know what is planned for the site? I wish I could be completely forthright with you and describe everything in detail but it is not in the best interest to do that. Another site could see that and use it. But there are a few things I can talk about:

3D Movies: We will always be home to 3D movies. You may continue to consider MarketSaw the number one site on the Internet for all things to do with sterescopic 3D films.

3D Gaming: We are ON THIS. Over the past few years we have reported on various new technologies emerging on the stereoscopic 3D gaming front and you can look for that to expand dramatically. Can't say how at this point, but it is happening as we speak.

Other 3D Technologies: Definitely. We will be expanding into all areas of stereo 3D applications to do with entertainment. Consider us your one stop stereo shop.

Site Expansion and Renovation: It is happening. I can't give an exact date yet but it is in the works and the results should meet with and exceed your expectations. It is an exciting time!!

The bottom line is this: We are extremely grateful for you all for your loyal viewing of MarketSaw over these past 1,000 posts and we are looking forward to the next 1,000 and 10,000. We get daily readers from many corners of the world from 3D fans to Hollywood power players. When I say power players, I mean the top. I know this because they tell us personally. It is a privilege to get to know them and learn from each other but it is also the same privilege we enjoy from our relationships with 3D fans. In other words, we value YOU. You are the motivation to keep writing everyday about what truly excites us; you are the insider sources that give us those nuggets of information; you are commenters on our post forums that passionately debate your opinions; you are stereoscopic 3D students, learning all you can about the future of Hollywood; and you are industry workers - creating those movie masterpieces with hands-on expertise. You are the world's 3D family.

And you are always welcome back home. MarketSaw will be there with you. Isn't that the way it should be? :-) THANK YOU.

Original Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Orioles and Cal Ripken Jr.

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