Monday, August 03, 2009

Peter Jackson Making DAMBUSTERS in 3D? Looks Like It!!

Jim here. Got some awesome news from TVNZ regarding Peter Jackson's love affair with stereoscopic 3D! They claim that Jackson is shooting experimental 3D aerial footage of a Lancaster bomber as part of his re-imagining of the classic DAMBUSTERS movie. Further Jackson has ordered the construction of 10 Lancaster replicas for the movie which has a budget of $90 million.

Says Jackson: "I think a World War II bombing raid in 3D would be neat."

The Lord Of The Rings director told The Daily Telegraph he wants to use new technology to make bombs leap out at the audience.

Anything by Peter Jackson is going to candy to the eyes - but in 3D too? Awesome! Can't wait for this production to get under way. I really think he will do a superb job with it.

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