Saturday, September 19, 2009

Exclusive Avatar Image: Colonel Quaritch Geared for Battle!

Hi, Michael here with an exclusive image of Stephen Lang looking badass as Colonel Quaritch.

Those who have seen the Avatar Day footage know that Quaritch views Pandora and the Na'vi as deadly adversaries. Lang gives an incredible performance in that scene - you just know that there will be some very intense moments involving Quaritch later in the movie. And according to Cameron the most difficult-to-shoot scene in the movie (which took months to figure out how to do) is Quaritch's final scene, which involves characters of three size-scales interacting.

I love the design of the gun, which appears designed for smaller game. Also notice the breathing mask with sheathed knife attached to his vest.

Head over to and wait a few seconds to see a video of Quaritch speaking to you about the danger of Pandora - "You are not in Kansas anymore. You are on Pandora." The words are largely the same as what we saw on Avatar Day. I can't wait to see what else appears on this site.

Anyone think the origin of the scar will be revealed?

Thanks to Fox for the image!

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