Friday, September 18, 2009

Designer RealD Glasses Will Be Ready For AVATAR

Jim here. Yep. You read right! RealD will be making designer 3D glasses available BEFORE AVATAR is in theaters. From designers like Gucci. We have known about this for some time now, but it is nice to actually hear some sort of timeline attached to it.

You will not have to submit yourself to the mass produced glasses associated with 3D movies any longer! Further, for those of you who must wear prescription glasses - you can soon order prescription glasses made for 3D viewing.

I have heard rumors that these glasses will also double as sunglasses by simply adjusting the angle of the polarity, but that remains to be seen.

I would love a pair of Ray Bans for 3D! Or maybe those glasses that Bono designed... :-) Rest assured, we will be making these glasses available for you to purchase - there is only one place for 3D on the planet - MarketSaw.

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