Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reactions From Joe Dante's THE HOLE At Venice Screening

Jim here. AICN has got a nice writeup from someone who has seen Joe Dante's THE HOLE in 3D at the Venice Film Festival. And it sounds good! More than good really...

Here is an excerpt: "I've seen Joe Dante's Hole and it doesn't stink. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write, but it's true. I knew very little about this film going in. I knew it was in 3D and I'd been told it was like Disturbia but with a bottomless hole, which it is for the first ten minutes, then it becomes a dark, really dark, episode of Eerie Indiana. Dante gets to flex his big screen muscles here and he's been away for far too long. You really get the sense he's put everything he's got into this film and the big set pieces are a master at work."

...and this about the 3D in the film: "The 3D is so restrained that at times I was begging for something to make me duck into my seat. You don't really get that, but Dante spoke before the film about 3D being here to stay and it being up to the film makers to be worthy of it. So, I guess he deliberately stayed away from any of the "coming at ya" stuff. He tries to use the technique to create an immersive environment, but you sort of expect a bit of cheesy stuff from a 3D movie. Well I do anyway. They showed some footage of a upcoming Japanese horror beforehand called Shock Labyrinth and that had stuff flying at you in spades so, I guess you can take your pick. It looked very cool and very Japanese."

Make sure you read the whole thing over at Ain't It Cool. Some mild spoilers there too. Joe Dante is re-igniting his career with this one - TIFF is getting a screening too. Can't wait to see it! And hats off to Joe for not caving into the 3D gimmicks - even in a horror film! Awesome man.

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