Sunday, September 13, 2009

THE RING In 3D? Horror Movies Find Their Sweet Spot

Jim here. Rumors (BloodyDisgusting) are flying about the third installment of THE RING franchise going stereoscopic 3D. Of course! HALLOWEEN is doing the same thing. What sane horror production would not consider 3D after the stunning display of THE FINAL DESTINATION (TFD) the past 3 weeks? The awesome payback that MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D gave it's investors?

I went to see TFD again last night. This time I paid more attention to the 3D as with any well done stereo movie, you tend to forget it is in 3D after awhile. It is done very, very well. Obvious scenes like where the camera is flush with the pavement at the raceway amplify the 3D of course - but it is when it is used almost subliminally that it really makes a difference. Like during the last scene of the movie in the coffee shop, the 3D camera intentionally leaves the background behind the glass window in focus - and without really thinking about it, you are made nervous. A transparent surface with imperfections (or cafe lettering) in 3D looks amazing.

It is scenes like that - creative 3D use, that excites me. AVATAR will be full of them.

So it seems horror has found the holy grail of 3D works not only for the movie, but for the box office. THE RING will be no exception. In fact you could simply pencil in ANY horror movie with the term 3D after it and it just makes sense. It will only be a matter of time before it spreads to other genres as the defacto standard - SciFi is next.

THE RING is all about young victims dying after viewing a strange videotape. 3D will bring the audience into it and help suspend disbelief even further. Should be one not to miss.

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