Sunday, November 15, 2009

3D Shorts: ViewSonic's LED 3D; World Cup In 3D; And Bringing 3D Life To Michael Jackson?

Jim here. Got three brief stories that have been accumulating and it is time to get them out there!

- Viewsonic is looking forward to launching LED based as well as a professional series of 3D screens in 2010.
...I have not seen their VX2265wm FuHzion in action, but the specs are similar to the 120Hz Samsung that I use.

- The FIFA World Cup will see about 50% of all of it's games broadcast in stereoscopic 3D. The World Cup is being held in South Africa next summer and it is thought that Sony will be participating in the S3D events as it is a major sponsor of the games. Sony is a leader of S3D technology development.
...We reported on discussions around the World Cup (and the London Olympics) being shot in S3D back in March of 2008. Looking forward to this!

- Michael Jackson could be brought back to life through full body 3D scans that were done of the King of Pop back in 1996. Of course this was before he had major cosmetic surgery and he was 37 at the time - the prime of his life.
- I have wondered about the feasibility of a well known actor/entertainer scanning his full body in 3D so that his/her estate could continue to capitalize on their likeness. No need to wonder anymore I suppose.

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