Saturday, March 08, 2008

BBC & The3DFirm Broadcasting Live 3D Rugby

**EDIT - I originally posted that the live NBA game that was broadcast in 3D late last year was the first sports event to be done in this fashion but upon closer inspection they used fiber optic for their connection and not satellite. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Andy!

BBC Resources and The3DFirm
, a Richmond, UK -based consortium of production specialists will be testing a live 3D broadcast of a rugby game between England and Scotland at the The Calcutta Cup, England’s Six Nations Rugby Championship on March 8th. If successful they hope to broadcast The World Cup and the Olympics to a chain of theaters.

"A stereoscopic hi-def signal is sent from three cameras positioned at pitchside. It is sent via satellite to London where it is converted through a 3-D projection system."
Aashish Chandarana, BBC Sport’s innovations executive, said: “We’re trying to do something no one’s tried before. Editorially it will not be a fast-cut TV experience but more the experience you’d get if you were at Murrayfield.”
Good luck to be sure! Would love to see Live 3D sports and events happening soon...


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