Saturday, November 28, 2009

Avatar Catch-Up: "Ikran" Scene, Na'vi Design Featurette & Game Developer Diary 4!

Michael here with some cool Avatar stuff that has popped up over the last day or so. As we approach December 18 expect the floodgates to open even wider as we get our first reviews of the film, the cast and crew make the talk show rounds, and things just get generally insane.

1. Ikran full scene. The banshees look absolutely phenomenal. Whenever I see them move I feel my brain is accepting them as real, pteradactyl-like creatures. And I love the face Ney'tiri makes when she says "when you are ready." It's just perfect.

2. A very interesting look at Stan Winston Studios' work on designing the Na'vi:

3. Watch Game Developer Diary 4, "Blockbuster Action" below. Avatar The Game comes out this Tuesday!

I can't wait to play the game in just a few more days!

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