Saturday, November 28, 2009

New James Horner Interview

Jim here. Check out a new interview with James Horner over at Film Music Magazine:

All of these melodic feelings, and many more from dozens of memorable Horner scores can be felt amidst the jungles of Pandora, the latest, and one of the most impressive epic worlds that Horner’s music has allowed us to visit. It’s a world that further evolves for “Avatar,” Horner’s third teaming with writer-director James Cameron, who first let Horner feel the militaristic terror of being swarmed by “Aliens” before segueing to the epic romance and tragedy of “Titanic.” This winner for Best Picture and Director also brought Horner his first Oscar for Best Score. And it’s likely Academy voters will also take notice of this majestic visual, and musical leap into a score that conveys an alien world, and culture like few soundtracks before it. For Pandora’s jungle is filled with haunted electronics, the songs of its Na’Vi inhabitants, the tender, and the tender, transcendent emotions of a human visiting its world in their form. Yet Pandora’s dense sonic terrain will also be invaded by the dark strings and military fury of the terrans who covet its riches- something the Na’Vi won’t give up easily with exhilarating “War” music that will thrill audiences, and Horner’s vocal fans in particular.

One of favourite movie score composers.
What I am most curious about is how he brings in the Na'vi language!

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