Monday, December 21, 2009

AVATAR The *TOP* Domestic Movie EVER in December!!

**SAME DAY UPDATE: reports that Fox's official number is $77,025,481 which is just short of the Will Smith thriller. It is essentially a dead heat between the two but looks like AVATAR might be in position #2. Bah.

Jim here. I knew the weather was letting up a little bit and it seems many others believed so too and helped push AVATAR past I AM LEGEND to the top December box office opening weekend of all time!

To further ice the cake, AVATAR is an original property. Get this: AVATAR dropped practically NOTHING from Saturday to Sunday (only 3%!) and is experiencing tremendously powerful word of mouth.

Fox is confident that the record will hold for the final official tally. AVATAR opened on 3,452 screens with 2,023 of them being 3D.

The revised number for worldwide box office take now stands at an amazing $236.5 million - despite the massive winter storm in northeastern US and the European deep freeze. IMAX theaters also broke records with AVATAR besting TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN by a margin of $13.6 million to $11.3 million.

The winter storms will only solidify the legs of AVATAR and you will see continued masses flocking to AVATAR as the weather improves and then of course the holidays are upon us. Looking very good guys!! Love it!

Source: Variety

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