Thursday, December 17, 2009

Avatar's LA Premiere! Cameron Talks Higher Framerates (Avatar 2 at 48 or 60 fps?)...Plus Who Would Win in a Fight: a Na'vi or an Alien?

Michael here. I managed to snag a spot on the blue carpet pressline at tonight's LA premiere of Avatar, and got to ask Cameron his thoughts on what lies beyond 3D as the next technological breakthrough in moviemaking:

So it looks very possible that Avatar 2 will be shot in gloriously smooth 48 or 60 frames per second!

Someone also asked him about who would win in a fight: a Na'vi or an Alien. Watch Cameron's answer below:

I hope Cameron manages to get the digital projector companies and exhibitors on board the higher-framerate bandwagon. It would be wonderful to see the kind of action we see in Avatar, but as smooth as real life and without judder and motion blur.

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