Thursday, December 17, 2009

S3D Blu-ray Standard Is COMPLETE! CES Will Explode With 3D Home Entertainment!!

Jim here. I don't mean to bump Michael's blue carpet talk with Cameron but this can't wait!

The Blu-ray Disc Association is DONE with its task of standardizing stereoscopic 3D Blu-ray content!!

1080p will still be the top resolution, however there are many changes:

1. ANY type of S3D technology can be used with it (active shutter, polarized, etc).
2. It will be backwards compatible with existing 2D content: Existing Blu-ray players will be able to the new S3D content and display it on their 2D setups in 2D (in 2D of course). This allows for the distribution on only one format of disc for ALL audiences.
3. The Sony PS3 console will be able to play Blu-ray S3D content in 3D.

The specification enforces the use of a Multiview Video Coding (MVC) codec (coder-decoder) which is an extension to the H.264 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) codec currently supported in Blu-ray players today.

Further, the spec allows for the integration of 3D menu systems and subtitles.

The final spec will be published very soon and should make for a VERY interesting Consumer Electronics Show in January! I can't wait to see what is in store for 2010 - S3D is taking off baby!!

Source: RegHardware

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